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Friday, November 25, 2011

I need your help for sick children in click and share this to your friends today.....

A beautiful picture that my sister shot of my two kids which hangs on a canvas frame in my hallway which friends always admire when calling over to my house.  Siocha is alot more cheekier now (she has me wrapped around her finger!) and Liam will nearly pass me out in height soon. 

The picture has a deeper reminder for me though as was taken the same year that I first had contact and worked with John Looney and Cork City Hospitals Childrens Club at their annual Christmas two day event in Fota. Every year over 200 sick kids are taken there by a convoy of limos, vintage cars etc with a Garda motorcycle escort thru the city and arrive to the red carpet at Fota House. Santa is there waiting to greet them with his team of elves, snowmen and all the Disney characters (not forgetting Wally and the funny clowns!) and the whole house is transformed and decorated like the North Pole. Myself and some of the dj's from Red spin tunes and do games while they are waiting to visit Santa and then followed by a wonderful Christmas party.  The first year I dj'ed there, I met a little boy who took a great interest to the decks and music. Before the end of the morning I had him djing with headphones on and playing music to the kids and families there and remembered his mum taking pics as he did his funny dj pose! 

12 months later when I was back in Fota again, I asked John when was our little Dj playing again and replied quietly  "He didnt make it Philip and passed away sadly this year". If there was ever a message to fully understand what the Cork City Hospitals Childrens Club hit me like a train with great sadness to understand what parents with terminally ill kids have to go through every day while I take my own kids healthy lives for granted.  Their slogan sums it up really well what they do.... 

"Bringing smiles to the faces of sick and deserving children in Cork"

Throughout the year, the Cork City Hospitals Children's Club brings sick and deserving children from CUH, Mercy Hospital, St. Gabriel's and the Cork Deaf Association on numerous trips/events and their big one is annual trip to Disneyland in Paris.  But in order to run all these events and keep the smiles on the faces of all the children, the club need your support.

How can you help? 

I am organising the following fundraiser for Friday 2nd December in Cubins nightclub. Its the first Christmas Friday and also the same day we find out the results of who Ireland will be playing in EURO 2012 FINALS DRAW

A very simple wear red/green fancy dress...

Girls..wear a santa hat! Guys wear an Irish Jersey! It's the countdown to Christmas and I don't expect people to fork out for normal fancy dress so that in mind a santa day hat will only set you back €2 at most and lads will have Irish jersey or scarf somewhere! 

If you are not doing a work Xmas party this year, maybe a great excuse to get yourself and workmates together for a night out!!

Admission is only €6 (price of two coffees or box of ciggys) and all proceeds will be going to the Childrens Club..Everyone will be in a free draw for Jingle Bell Ball tickets for Royseven and Ryan Sheridan and I will have a ton of vouchers and giveaways and including Lee Travel Holiday vouchers for best dressed!

Are you in business? I will be doing to Pledge a Voucher /Plug your Business Appeal on the show  Red Zone 12-4pm from this Monday Nov 28th and you can email if you want to help out!

Can't make it to Cubins on Friday night?

One of two other ways you can help........

Then get your car washed at Mojoes in Wilton on Sat 3rd Dec for Christmas Charity Car Wash! All proceeds between 11am and 6pm for the club and Santa will be there too with sport stars and volunteers helping out!


A little donation directly to the club

A/C Details:

Bank of Ireland, Wilton, Co. Cork
SC: 90-28-05
A/C: 34653800

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you could please pass it on and post the link (see below) on your FaceBook wall today and share with friends...much appreciated!

Copy this link below

Thank you


You can also like and follow what they do on FaceBook

Monday, November 21, 2011

Win a Christmas Makeover for your Hero with Hanleys of Cork

Hanley’s of Cork will be giving one lucky listener an indoor and outdoor Christmas home makeover to the value of €1500. This will involve lights, trees, decorations, the works!!

Everyone has that special someone in their lives that is simply a HERO. Perhaps they saved a child from drowning in a pool over the summer holidays. Maybe they are the person you call when you have a flat wheel in your car. However big or small we want to know. If you know someone who is always giving then we want to reward them by giving back.

Each day I will ask listeners to text in their nominated heroes. Now we are not looking for sob stories people…..this is not the X Factor. Keep with the Christmas spirit and let us know all the good things your heroes have done.  We will pick one qualifier per day and at the end of the week we will ask the listeners to vote for their favorite Hanleys Hero and that person will win the overall prize!


Monday, November 14, 2011

Pendrix Display Christmas competiton!

Pendrix Display, Display House, Penrose Quay is launching its Christmas Season Showroom. They have every Christmas direction you can think of including Christmas Trees and lights.  The theme is Candy! Think Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Santa !!

One lucky person will win the window display in Pendrix Design. Included in this fantastic prize is Giant Gingerbread men, Candy display with Giant Sweets and a Licorice Train. Pink and Purple led lighting. 8 Foot candy Christmas Tree. (They are none edible!!)

Listen to the show every day this week and when you hear Santa Ho! Ho! Ho! ...Call me on 1890 77 3336 and guess how many candy canes are in the jar! Whoever has the closest guess wins on Friday!! See their display window on Penrose Quay or check pics here......

Pendrix Design, Design House, Penrose Quay specialize in Window Displays and Christmas Themes for Business’s as well as having the biggest Christmas Showroom in Cork City and they are open to the public. Find them on facebook too!!

Fab prize especially if you have kids that are looking foward to Christmas and are about to write their letters to Santa!


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freaky and see

The things I do for Red sales Dept...I will let you decide!

From time to time, our sales dept will ask us to do things for clients  (twist arms, promises lol) and I vaguely remember giving a high 5 to Tanya for this......weeks later...she tells me "Dont forget your fancy dress for this Sat..." Oopppss...arrives in radio station with bags of costumes to wear while djing for launch of at Kinsale road  retail centre (where Smyths Toys is)..

 Vote A Pimp.............
 Shoes and dodge gold chains included
 Vote B...Clown......
 Red nose, crap jokes and scary laugh included
 Vote C..Midget Wrestler
Cloak has superpowers....

You decide!! Vote A, B or C via txt 083 3173336 

or leave "likes" on pics on my FaceBook page....

More on the show today from 12.......and also talking about the ghost video from Michael Jacksons gaff

Friday, August 19, 2011

Runs on the sniff of diesel!!!

 As a part time petrol head, (spend enough at the pumps!) I am always trawling through Done Deal looking at cars etc

This one has gotta be a joke!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

And then there was a laugh!!

With all the doom and feckin gloom, budget week and shite weather...we all need a good laugh!!

Some vids to start the week smiling!!



Limerick students falling on their arses...

What goes up...must come down lol

Doing the splits..check out the last wan fall lol

Snow boarding so yesterday...try tram-boarding!

Ok....please dont laugh at this least till the end of it lol only in Russia!